Problems signing in to your Scoilnet Account

Q. My password doesn't seem to work. Why?

Passwords are case-sensitive. Check carefully that you have not mistaken a zero for a capital O, or confused a capital I with lowercase L. This is the most common reason why passwords do not seem to work.


Q. I had my details resent to me but they haven't arrived?

The first thing to do is check your JUNK or SPAM folder as some email providers (eircom and yahoo most notably) occasionally put Scoilnet emails in there.


Q. Can I change my password to something that's easier to remember?

Yes, you can do this yourself. Sign in with your existing details and, once signed in, you will see a box allowing you to edit and confirm a new password. You cannot change your username; this is unique to you.

Problems registering for a Scoilnet Account

Q. I'm sure that I've registered for an account previously and I'm trying to have my details resent as I have forgotten them. When I try to have them resent it says "Your email address is not in our system"?

Perhaps when you registered you used a different email address? If this is the case and you no longer have access to that old email account, Contact Us and we will change the email address associated with your account manually.


Q. I've tried to register for an account but I cannot complete the form as it says my email address is already in the system. But I don't ever remember registering before.

You may not realise that you have an account. Perhaps you filled out a paper form for CensusAtSchool? These forms all went to create online Scoilnet Accounts. Or perhaps you did an OIDE Technology in Education online course? Have your detail resent or Contact Us if you want more information.

General Frequently Asked Questons

Q. I'm registered to use CensusAtSchools but I want to access Scoilnet Maps too. How can I do this?

Your sign-in will work for both these online services. To receive an introductory email about Scoilnet Maps, sign-in to your Scoilnet Account and select "Update my details". Go to the "My Services" area and tick the Scoilnet Maps option. Don't forget to press the save button when you're done. You will receive an email with information about the Scoilnet Maps service.


Q. What is a Scoilnet Teacher Account?

A Scoilnet Teacher Account provides primary and post-primary teachers with access to a range of Scoilnet/OIDE Technology in Education online services. If you have registered with us at any time for one of the services listed below, your username/password will be valid to access other online services that you're eligible for.

These online services include

The concept is that a teacher registers with us ONCE for a sign-in but that sign-in can be used across a variety of applications/services for which they have been assigned access rights. It should be noted that all teachers are not eligible to access all services with their sign-in. This model is designed to make it easier for teachers using our services - with only one sign-in to remember it should be simpler to access services.